Porto Ercole is a charming seaside resort located on the Argentario promontory , which has managed to preserve intact the appearance of a fishing village and whose historic core , which is accessed via port of Pisa , topped by the Clock Tower is still enclosed from the walls.

The ancient settlement is collected inside the city walls at the foot of the Spanish fortress , with the passing of the years the country has also developed along the natural bay which forms the harbor.
Porto Ercole is located on the east coast of the promontory , less than three kilometers from the Telegraph , the most important relief Argentario , in addition lies within the National Park of the Argentario .

Besides the natural beauty , the charm of Porto Ercole is derived from the impressive Spanish forts that were built in the sixteenth century, during the rule of the deans : Philip Forte , Forte Stella and the Rock are three perfectly preserved fortifications from which among other things can be seen wonderful sea views .